Lets travel a bit back in time. Athens, Greece,around 1990.I find myself in the backyard of my cousin.It is there I see Subbuteo for the first time. A mesmerising green football field on a table. There are goals, figures, balls, a scoreboard and even terraces! Everything is so overwhelming, exciting and huge! Of course its huge, I am just 5 years old. Although I am not allowed to play, the excitement I feel is beyond words. All my football heroes are in my hands!

Berlin, Germany almost 30 years later.I decide to buy a set on ebay,mostly out of nostalgia reasons as noone I knew played the game. One thing led to the other and i find myself having 6 sets and over 30 teams. That isnt enough for me though, enough is not a known word to collectors. I decide I need to paint my own teams, customize their hairstyles and replicate historical teams. Truth be told, I m not very talented, but who cares? Soon enough I am owner of two 3D printers. Why? To print my 3D Stadium of course! Around 7000 fans should fit there when its ready. It is a work in progress, these things take time. 

During this process it becomes clear to me that I want to do more with my hobby. We are now at the end 2021. My Subbuteo online store opens.This is very exciting. Subbuteo is largely unknown to the German people, who knows what to expect? I really hope you ll like the game and the website. Keep in mind that this is always a work in progress and new products and services will be available through time.

My goal is clear: I want to offer the whole range of modern Subbuteo products as well as figures to paint and merchandise while ensuring an excellent customer experience. This is what I was missing as a collector, this is what I aim to offer.

Subbuteomartk is a passion project, a love letter to my childhood.

Petros Sioutis

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